Generative AI Art

Fine Art Microscopy

3D Data Models

Product Photography

From Business Idea to an operational marketing campaign in four weeks?

Generative AI can already be used in almost every marketing process step today, if you know how. Starting with a market and target group analysis, social media listening, product design, the creation of marketing content (texts, images, videos, presentations) and finally the design and implementation of a web site and web shop can already be supported by AI. A game changer - especially for start-ups and medium-sized companies.

Create Customer Excitement

Create extraordinary product shots of product details at micro- or nanometer scale not seen before by the customers. There is a full range of different microscope types and microscope techniques available to image nearly every detail of your product at micro- or nanometer scale. E.g. micro algae (natural cosmetics, food supplements), pollen (fertility, honey), or details of a finished surface of a product. All product shots are professionally fine-art post-processed.

Scale up details and show them in 3d models

Beyond product shots of micro or nano details, 3D data can be generated of your products and scaled up e.g. by a magnification factor of 3.000. Making your product details part of a tangible customer experience. By implementing 3D viewers in your websites and or by printing your magnified product details in 3D. A picture tells more than thousands of words, a haptical experience tells more than thousands of pictures.

Professional Product Photography

AI is drastically speeding up the traditional marketing content creation process at a fracture of the cost. However, at some point, traditional product photography comes back into play. E.g. to exchange a perfume bottle generated by AI with the perfume bottle you are selling or to mix and blend product shots with AI creativity. All product shots are taken with a professional studio equipment and are professionally post-processed

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